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Professional Sports Teams and their Players

Post by @Caleb_Mezzy/Caleb Mezzy

If you are a professional sports team, you have something that every corporation, company, brand would love to have. What that is, Social Media speaking, is established brand extensions.

Every brand on Twitter, for example, would love to have brand ambassadors. This is exactly why some professional teams and corporations have implemented this in their Social Media strategy. Only difference is companies won’t have the luxury (mostly) of having brand ambassadors with thousands of followers. Well, if you are a pro sports team, you have your “players” and those players have just that!

All of that should make sense to you, but now, let’s say you have a favorite team and you aren’t sure which players are on Twitter from that team OR you are new to a city and want to get the buzz on the new team while learning more about their players….that’s when you should do something along the lines of what the New York Giants and Duke Basketball did.

If you don’t do something as attractive, you could at least provide us with your team lists on Twitter. Below is a detailed breakdown of each league (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA) and the teams that DO have team lists and others that DO NOT.

As you can see, the NBA has done the best job of this with only 9 teams not having any list. MLB has 20 teams, the NHL with 19…both out of 30 and the NFL only has half their teams with lists. These lists contain the current rosters of players who are active tweeters.

Why not build a list for your fans? Your players serve as your “brand extensions” on Twitter. 

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The #SuperBowl of #Hashtags

by @Caleb_Mezzy/Caleb Mezzy

So…we just watched another Super Bowl. This one ignited more Social Media involvement than others before it. Why? Well…Social Media is here to stay. Let’s see which brands were involved in hashtag usage during #SB46.

#MakeItPlatinum (Bud Light)

#SoLongVampires (Audi)

#BetterWay (Best Buy)

#whatworks (GE)

#beckhamforhm (H&M)

#JerrysNSX (Acura)

As a brand, it’s great to use hashtags. Now if you are a brand using a hashtag, make sure you were listening, engaging, interacting with those who were using that hashtag. Without doing this, you failed in using a hashtag.

Next year should be a chance for us to see more hashtag usage. Where do you expect to see proper use of hashtags next?


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