Sports and KONY 2012?

Post by @Caleb_Mezzy/Caleb Mezzy

Seems weird, right? How could these two coexist?

By now, you should have taken 30 minutes of your time to watch the KONY 2012 video by Invisible Children. If not, it’s featured below.

This video resonated with me like I’m sure it did for all that viewed it. Before I let my rationale take over, I took a step back and saw what was in front of me.

A tragedy that is taking place in Uganda has reached me! Not only did it reach me, but it impacted me through a video on YouTube. Where did I see this video? On Facebook. Where else have I seen this video along with KONY 2012 campaign material? Well…Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram. Now I’m not taking attention away from KONY 2012, but I’m putting emphasis on the vehicle that this to me, which is Social Media.

This made me think….some professional athletes take pride in charity work and donating their wealth for a better cause. Prior to Social Media, a tragedy wouldn’t always find its way to an athlete’s eyes. Now, it’s that easy for an athlete to visually see the message of an existing tragedy.

On Instagram this morning, I was intrigued by Kevin Durant’s post. At this time, I have not yet seen the video, but I saw all the likes and comments making it a priority of mine to watch this video. Kevin Durant’s post influenced me and I can only imagine how many others’ interest were piqued.

I’m not here to suggest athletes donate to the cause, but I am here to suggest that athletes spread this to their Social Media platforms. Athletes are inevitably influencers in life, but this is even more evident on Social Media when you have millions of followers (their attention and eye balls).

Over 20 NFL players took time to team up with United Way in an effort to reduce the U.S. high school dropout rate. Forget all of the sponsored tweets for a second and let’s tweet for a better cause.

Could we see a shift for athletes to take time to tweet and post for Social Good?

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3 thoughts on “Sports and KONY 2012?

  1. seancallanan says:

    Caleb, I actually discussed that very topic on ABC Grandstand yesterday, goes back to the fact that athletes & celebrities do influence their fans now more so than ever with social media. Listen to the segment here –

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