Taking the Field

Welcome to the Field!

We’re Caleb Mezzy and Brendan Wilhide. We’re launching this site because we see a vacancy within the blogosphere for a true, team written sports and social media centric blog. (There are a number of fantastic single author blogs out there, by the way.) Our hope is that this blog will provide a fresh take on what it means to use social media in the sports industry.

Caleb recently launched TweetStarGame.com, which tracks the most popular athletes on Twitter through a partnership with Klout. Caleb handles social media for Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs and also hosts the weekly #SMSportsChat on Twitter. He also works as a social media consultant for Philadelphia 76ers broadcaster Marc Zumoff and Detroit Tigers pitcher Collin Balester.

Brendan founded Sportsin140.com in 2009 as a means of validating athletes and teams on Twitter. His work doing so, which began months before Twitter began its own validation service, was featured on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” in the Wall Street Journal and on the Sports Illustrated website. Brendan recently finished co-authoring “Sports Marketing in Social Media, a textbook about social media due to be published later this year. He also works as a social media coordinator and copywriter in a consulting capacity.

Together we’ve tapped our network of colleagues and contacts to launch this site with a great group of contributors. We look forward to bringing you the latest news and observations on social media use in the sports industry. If you have any ideas, questions or would like to contribute to the site, please contact us either here or on Twitter.


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